Beyerle/Fry Memorial Scholarship

The Dorothy Beyerle Scholarship, now known as the Beyerle/Fry Scholarship, was created in 1990 after a generous donation was made to the McCall Music Society in memory of our dear friend and arts patron, Dorothy Beyerle. Since that time the scholarship has received numerous contributions from individuals, the society’s original Summerfest fund, the MMS endowment, and the general fund. The MMS board put aside part of the funds to create its own endowment for future scholarships. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist talented and dedicated young local musicians.

Who may apply

The applicant must be (1) under nineteen years of age and (2) must be a resident of Valley, Adams or Idaho County.

Purpose of the scholarship

Scholarships may be used for two purposes: (1) summer music camps or (2) other musical pursuits.

The MMS board has found that summer music camps are a wonderful way to integrate summer fun with exceptional music training, therefore this is the major focus for this scholarship. There are many great camps right here in Idaho.

You may also apply for a scholarship that may further your horizons in other ways such as funds toward a new instrument, or ongoing music lessons.

For more information, please contact our Scholarship Committee:  Richard Surbeck at (208) 315-0905 or


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