Shaping our Children’s Education

An Opportunity

Music School for Girls on the violin

The recent growth in our community has offered the opportunity to add new subjects to our school curriculum. The School Board and the strategic planning committee are asking for input from the community, whether or not you have children in school, to help shape the new Five Year Plan.

While there are many options for courses our schools could add, the McCall Music Society would like to encourage expanding the music programs.  Presently at the middle school level, band and chorus are required. But missing is a critical segment of music –  Orchestra, which includes violin, viola, cello, and bass.

At this time there are 20 children taking weekly violin lessons sponsored by the Music Society. There are many other strings students in the greater McCall area. These students could move right into an orchestra program.

Between now and December 17th, we invite you to participate in a short survey where you can  make your voice heard. Please consider saying “Orchestra” when asked what additional courses you would like to see.

More music will enrich the lives of our children and bring additional culture to our wonderful community!



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